Sun, 30 Sept | Zetland Road Passive Homes

Green Open Homes Tour

Visit the UK's most energy-efficient Victorian home! A self-guided tour with question and answer session.
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Green Open Homes Tour

Time & Location

30 Sept 2018, 10:00 – 16:00
Zetland Road Passive Homes, 6 Zetland Rd, Manchester M21 8TH, UK

About the Event

Ecospheric is opening our Zetland Road Passive Houses as part of Carbon Co-op's Green Open Homes Weekend.

This home will be the first Passive House Plus retrofit in the UK and Europe. In addition to Passive House, further self imposed restrictions highlight the exemplary and innovative nature of the project. This will be the first passive house with stained glass, the first with petrochemical free building fabric, the first with EMF (Electromagnetic Field) free design! With conservation and enhancement of the original architecture and architectural features at its heart, design life of all components set at 25 years or above and inherent breathability designed into every external wall, floor and roof this is a truly unique dwelling.

Energy efficiency measures installed:

2.5 artic lorry loads of wood fiber and cellulose (recycled newspaper)

Development of new blown insulation application techniques for retrofit projects.

Triple glazed passivhaus units, stained glass windows and doors

LED lighting throughout house (strip and filament LED),

Appliances with a minimum A++ energy rating

Central heating free design (post heater only)

Mixergy tank technology with novel thermocline control, powered by excess PV electricity

10kW Photovoltaic Thermal System , DiBT accredited efficient Log Burning Stove

MVHR - Paul Novus 300

Flow restricted aerated taps and showers throughout and grey water recycling toilets

Lime plaster/render, Timber frame hybrid construction, copper/brass/lead, breathable magnesium construction boards, Intello beating Siga intelligent building membrane and tapes

Draught free, damp free, constant temperature, controlled humidity

Retained existing fabric, no extensions added in the name of carbon reduction.

Full conservation approach to restore Victorian feel.

Estimated Energy Savings

Space Heating: Total heating demand per year 2353 kWh per year according to PHPP calculation. This is to be satisfied using a combination of wood burning stove and excess PV electricity to the post heater.

Electricity: PHPP calculation suggests 2038 kWh per year. Part grid part PV supplied

Hot Water: 1930 kWh per year. Part grid part PV supplied

Water: No calculation available on PHPP. Using averages @ 125l/person per day and PHPP occupancy of 3.05 gives 140 cubics per year @ £1.87 per cubic. Standing charge per year £40 and highway drainage £102. Sewerage @£1.23 per cubic. Total estimate: £576

Council tax Band D = £1566.79

PV generation is 4275 kWh per year: FIT will pay £167 per year and with a 20% export an additional £28. Assuming an 80% utilisation factor for the PV = 3420kWh per year.

Biomass costs ~£80 per cubic unstacked logs with 2600kWh = 3.85p/kWh @ 75% efficiency. Assume 1 cubic of logs are burnt per year, total remaining heating demand is 403kWh per year.

Tonik energy 100% renewable tariff costs £73 per year standing charge and 12.68p per kWh.

Total Electricity bill including standing charge, FIT, export, PV direct consumption and biomass for household electric, hot water and space heating = £0

Total Energy bill = £80 for biomass. In reality 1 cubic of timber per year could easily be sourced for free!

Accessibility and travel

Nearest public transport:

The Zetland Road Passive Homes can be easily reached by public transport. They are a 5 minute walk from the nearest tram and bus stop.

By tram: Get out at the Chorlton Metrolink tram stop. Cross Wilbraham Road and walk down Corkland Road. Turn right onto Zetland Road. The Zetland Passive Homes are on the right side.

By bus: Take the #85 bus to the corner of Wilbraham and Corkland Roads, outside Morrisons. Walk down Corkland Road and turn right onto Zetland Road.

By car: There is limited street parking outside the homes.

Accessibility issues:

There are stairs to enter the property and 3 flights of stairs accessible within the property. The hallways and stairs may be crowded at times. Those with mobility restrictions may find it difficult to traverse:

To visit other eco-homes open on the 29th and 30th September, visit

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