Windows and Door Installation

Options for Installation



Ecospheric in-house team

Our team headed by Dave Wiles is based out of South Manchester and divides its time between our onsite development projects and window installations.  



Specialist window installation company

For installations further afield, we recommend Elite Installations run by James Simpson. They operate nationwide and are very experienced in installing our units to our exacting standards.  We are happy to discuss your project with them in detail and liaise with them on your behalf. 



Your main contractor

If you are completing the install as part of a larger scope of works, this generally offers the best value and is the most straightforward approach as there is no difficulty in defining where the work is split between the window installer and the main contractor. Just remember to check your main contractor has experience in installing timber windows and ensure they are given a copy of the manufacturer's guidelines. We are happy to speak to or meet with the installer directly to offer any support they require. 



Installation guidelines pdf

Maintenance pdf

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