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The Lift and Slide patio door is simple and functional addition to any balcony, deck, or garden entrance.  Available in double or triple glazing, this door can also be locked in an open position allowing for ventilation and security.


Thermal transmittence

Uw = 0.90 W/m²K (triple glazed); Uw = 1.40 W/m²K (double glazed)


Sound insulation

Rw = 34 dB (-1;-4) - standard 3-glazing

GU Lift and Slide Doors (double/triple glazed)

  • A-scheme: 

    W 5 900 mm x H 2 600 mm


    W 9 000 mm x H 2 600 mm


    W 5 900 mm x H 2 600 mm

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