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Our certified SW14 unit is the natural solution when building or renovating a Passive House.


Please note, we are also able to provide the supporting design calculations that enable you to specify non certified units in our range. 


Thermal transmittence:

Uw = 0.63 W/m²K (1.23 x 1.48 m opening standard window)


Sound Insulation:

Rw = 33 dB (-2;-5) - with standard glazing

SW14 Passive House Window (triple glazed)

  • Sidehung: 


    Sash: W 650-969 mm x H 650-1669 mm


    Side projecting: 
    Sash: W 500-869 mm x H 443-1669 mm


    Top hung: 
    Sash: W 429-1569 mm x H 500-1569 mm


    Top swing: 
    Sash: W 429-1669 mm x H 527-1626 mm

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