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Paragraph 84 Support

Paragraph 84 of the 2023 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), previously referred to as Paragraph 80, Paragraph 79, Paragraph 55, and PPS 7, is a policy first introduced in 1997. It outlines specific conditions under which new isolated homes can be built in the open countryside, despite general restrictions against such development.

We support the UK's leading architectural practices and planning consultancies in developing a whole site sustainability approach on Paragraph 84 projects, which are isolated homes in the countryside of exceptional quality and design. Ecospheric's expertise in low energy building design and heritage estates, enables a holistic and comprehensive approach to estate and energy integration.

We have developed sustainability strategies for several projects submitted to planning under the Paragraph 84 policy (previously known as Paragraph 80, Paragraph 79, Paragraph 55).

Case Studies

Paragraph 80 Zero Carbon House

Paragraph 55 Zero Energy Home

A new build country house designed to zero energy standard granted planning permission in line with the stringent requirements of Paragraph 55 under the NPPF.

Paragraph 79 Great Gate Rein Passivhaus

A new build Passivhaus family home proposed under the NPPF's country house exemption clause

Paragraph 80e Arts & Crafts House

A new build classically designed Cotswold house aiming for Passivhaus Premium certification

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