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Research (for Strategy)

Our diverse experience and expertise in the field of sustainable building means that our team can provide a bespoke array of research services. We have provided the following research for clients:

  • Air Source Heat Pump vs. Ground Source Heat Pump Comparison Study

    • Detailed analysis of using an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) or Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) to provide heating and domestic hot water.

      -Carry out detailed analysis of each heat pump option on an annual basis taking into account the varying heating and hot water demands over the course of the year.

      -Ensure that wider considerations of integration into the whole project are taken into account.

      -Obtain project specific designs and quotes from leading GSHP and ASHP suppliers / installers.

      -Provide our analysis of the supplied designs and quotes commenting on their feasibility and how realistic the provided numbers are.

      -Provide a summary report covering capital, maintenance and operating costs of all options.

      -Consider the whole life carbon impact of each option where possible.

  • Creation of an energy company

    • Evaluate the potential advantages of initiating an energy supply and generation venture that oversees the production and direct sale of onsite generated renewable energy to tenanted occupants. Conduct a comparative economic analysis to ascertain the viability of such propositions, assess the intrinsic value of ongoing on-site generation initiatives, and underwrite the value proposition of prospective renewable projects.

  • Stone sample analysis

    • The process necessary to determine the material properties of the project-specific stone samples involved:

      - Selection of suitable stone samples from site.

      - Extracting specific samples with associated sample preparation.

      - Initial moisture content testing (identifying the starting moisture content of the stones onsite)

      - Running capillary absorption testing and calculation to BSEN 772-11.

      - Density testing and calculation to BS EN 772-4

      - Free Water saturation testing and calculation to BS EN 772-11

      - Total and open porosity testing and calculation to BS EN 772-4

      - Detailed analysis of the results in order to determine the necessary material properties for entry into WUFI database.

      - WUFI database entry

We also carry out academic research in partnership with the UK's leading universities.

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