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Ecospheric is proud to lead the market in sustainable development. Our latest project on Zetland Road is the first home in Europe to achieve Passivhaus EnerPHit Plus certification. We have a decade of experience advising architects, builders, planners and homeowners on sustainable retrofit and creating the very best in building performance. We intend to spend the next decade transforming buildings, pushing boundaries and growing influence to make the industry changes we so desperately need.

These two semi-detached homes are Europe's first Passivhaus EnerPHit Plus retrofits. Situated in the Manchester neighbourhood of Chorlton, the Zetland Road development is an exemplar project combining conservation and design with healthy living and sustainability. We are aiming for the houses on Zetland Road to be categorised as passive house plus, which means these homes will reduce heating demand by a further 25% and produce 25% more renewable energy than they consume exported to the grid.

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Browns Road

Contemporary Remodel of Victorian Terrace, London

This is a contemporary remodelling of a Victorian terraced house in London. Environmentally friendly, breathable roofing materials were used on the ground floor extension. Durable charred timber cladding was used on the extension as it requires no paint; therefore, removing the use of petrochemicals. Large thermal windows were added to maximise solar heating for the house, reducing the need for central heating.


Low energy timber framed home, Macclesfield

This home was designed to reflect the rural setting, with a shape referencing a barn or farmhouse. Slate roofs and charred timber cladding were used as well as high performance windows to maximise solar heat gain for the home.

This affordable, compact timber framed build has extremely high levels of insulation and airtightness combined with MVHR to guarantee a healthy living environment. The house benefits from on-site energy generation and an allotment to provide the occupiers with a truly sustainable home.

Moat House

Paragraph 55 Zero Energy Home, Warwickshire

This singular Warwickshire home has been granted planning approval under Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework. It is pegged to be the UKs first Passivhaus Premium Zero Energy Home. It is extremely rare that a new build house would be given permission to be built in the open countryside. Ecospheric was honoured and privileged to have the exceptional architectural design and outstanding innovation of this project recognised by such an exclusive part of the national planning framework. The key design concept for this project revolved around a trombe wall which acted as a giant heat store to buffer the internal living environment whilst simultaneously integrating with advanced services capable of reworking and distributing this energy around the dwelling.  


Three story modern extension, Chorlton, Manchester

This Arts and Crafts style house is located within the Chorltonville conservation area of Manchester. The proposal was to completely face-lift and modernise the rear of the property to make the most of the unparalleled view of Chorlton Ees Water Park whilst adopting new timber framing techniques and a whole house low energy retrofit approach. The original design attempted to incorporate passive heat distribution techniques to compensate for the overheating potential created by the large expanse of glazing on the south facing facade.

SuperHomes, Chorlton Eco Show Home

Edwardian eco retrofit with passive house extension, Chorlton, Manchester

With almost 100 sustainable technologies and strategies developed and employed and three world firsts, this property was the birth place of Ecospheric. Built in collaboration with SuperHomes charity for sustainable retrofit movement. Eco show home designed to demonstrate pioneering low energy building technologies and materials. Every aspect of this home has been meticulously sourced and thought out in order to reduce its carbon footprint and increase the comfort of occupants. From building materials to appliances and fixtures, every item has been chosen with sustainability in mind.


A timber-framed passive house performance level extension has been added to the rear of the home, with glazed mono-pitch roof to capture energy along side thermal mass components to store the heat. This is the first house to utilise Passivent's iHybrid whole house mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) system. The first installation of Aerogel (Spacetherm) External Wall Insulation. The first ever integrated solar powered rainwater harvesting system. 

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