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Ecospheric is uniquely positioned to offer our expertise in sustainable building practices.

We provide consultancy services for architects, developers, builders, and planners. 

From material selection, technical detailing and specification to passive house design and 

paragraph 55/79  consultancy - we are keen to reduce the building industry's carbon footprint.

Passive House Design

zetand passive houses rear view

We are Passive House designers with more than 10 years experience working in sustainable retrofit and new builds. Our most recent project, the Zetland Road Passive House Project (Ingleside & Woodleigh), has achieved Passivhaus EnerPHit Plus certification - the first of its kind in the UK. We offer a multi-stage consultancy process. We can provide advice at the initial stage to define your approach, or offer a full suite of services to take your project through to completion.

Support for Architects and Developers

We can advise architects and developers on all aspects of sustainable building process, including:

  • feasability and planning surveys

  • passive house design (PHPP)

  • technical detailing

  • recommendation on preferred suppliers

  • recommendation on sustainable materials

  • tendering and post-tender analysis

  • contractor support and quality control

Paragraph 55/79 Consultancy

We have extensive experience advising both architects, developers, and planning councils on the Paragraph 55/79 specification and review processes. We have delivered results for clients on both sides of the process, whether it was to achieve planning approval for a development or to reject an application on behalf of a council.

M&E Design and Specification

We provide a comprehensive range of consultancy services for mechanical and electrical design:

  • Energy generation

  • DHW and space heating

  • Water

  • Electrical

  • Ventilation

  • Swimming pools

High Performance Glazing


We supply windows and doors direct from the Viking Window AS factory in Estonia; a state of the art facility specialising in the precision engineering of high performance glazing. Our expertise in sustainability adds considerable value to our service; enabling us to provide helpful advice on optimising your glazing design, providing calculations for passive house installations, and assisting with technical detailing.

Continuing Professional Development

Kit Knowles CPD

In this fast paced industry and with the growing complexity in products, specification and legislation it is essential to keep on top of it all. Ecospheric offers bespoke CPD sessions to help you or your company retain that competitive edge, enticing clients with the latest in building physics, technology specification or passive design. We can offer presentations and workshops at our show home or your business premises. Contact us to find out more: 0161 533 0965 or info@ecospheric.co.uk

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