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Design Review, Ideation and Feasibility Study

Expert guidance on sustainable architectural design, focusing on passive design principles and modern building technologies. Whether you are starting a new project or refining an existing design, we help ensure your building is efficient, sustainable, and high-performing.

Conceptual Sustainability Advice

  • Passive Design Strategies:

    • Guidance on passive design techniques like site orientation, natural ventilation, and daylighting.

    • Advice on using Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) for energy efficiency.

  • Initial Massing and Technology Assessment

    • Exploration of massing options to optimize solar gains and reduce energy loss.

    • Identification of suitable technologies and materials for sustainability.

Design Review

  • Critical Assessment:

    • Detailed review of existing designs focusing on insulation, thermal bridging, and renewable energy integration.

    • Comparison studies of different materials and construction methods.

  • Specific Advice:

    • Recommendations on fabric selection, foundation and floor construction, glazing and shading strategies, and offsite manufacturing options.

Feasibility Study

  • Sustainability Assessment:

    • Analysis of environmental impact, energy consumption, and long-term sustainability.

    • Economic evaluation of design choices and technologies.

  • Implementation Roadmap:

    • Actionable plan outlining steps to achieve sustainability goals.

    • Identification of potential challenges and solutions.

Our team of experts helps you make informed decisions to create beautiful, sustainable, and energy-efficient buildings.

Case Studies

17th Century Grade II listed building Retrofit

Transforming a 17th-century Grade II listed property to meet the EnerPHit standard. Applying advanced sustainable retrofitting techniques to preserve heritage charm while enhancing energy efficiency.

Net Zero Multi-functional Higher Education Campus

Net Zero Carbon Replacement Dwelling

Low Energy Multi-storey Affordable Housing

A 76-unit multi-storey new build affordable housing development designed with a Passivhaus approach

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