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Heritage Masonry Repair Method Statements

The heritage masonry repair service focuses on creating detailed and customized method statements for masonry works to preserve the historical and structural integrity of heritage buildings. The process involves several meticulously planned steps:

Initial Contact and Onsite Visit

  • Arrange an onsite visit with the client to commence the work.

Assessment and Documentation

  • Conduct an onsite assessment of the existing mortar and masonry condition, including associated photography, to inform the method statement.

Method Statement Creation

  • Create a detailed method statement for lime works, assuming repointing, re-bedding, and SPAB (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings) method repairs are necessary.

  • Include specific recipes and mix methods for lime, along with necessary protection and working parameters to ensure durable application.

Product Specification

  • Develop a product specification sheet that includes supplier information and relative quantities for initial purchase.

Training and Familiarization

  • Provide onsite lime toolbox talks and training for the principal contractor, including value-added works carried out in situ for further benefit.

Allocate two half days for self-familiarization and quality assurance.

Additional Consultation

  • Offer additional planning consultation and respond to queries as required.

Case Studies

17th Century Grade II listed building Retrofit

Transforming a 17th-century Grade II listed property to meet the EnerPHit standard. Applying advanced sustainable retrofitting techniques to preserve heritage charm while enhancing energy efficiency.

Research Hub for Sustainable Retrofit

A phased low energy retrofit serving as Ecospheric's offices and centre for research into sustainable retrofit of listed heritage buildings

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