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Moisture Risk (WUFI)

Hygroscopic modelling in WUFI (Wärme und Feuchte Instationär, which means Heat and Moisture Transient) is a method used to simulate the behaviour of moisture within building materials over time. Hygroscopic modelling in WUFI is a powerful tool that can help to ensure that buildings are designed and constructed to withstand moisture-related challenges over their lifetime. It enables us as designers to push the performance of organic insulants with total confidence in future disabilities.

Research Hub for Sustainable Retrofit

A phased low energy retrofit serving as Ecospheric's offices and centre for research into sustainable retrofit of listed heritage buildings

EnerPHit 1940's era Stone Manor House

A heritage property in South Yorkshire aiming for EnerPHit certified energy performance.

EnerPHit Listed Church Conversion

A locally listed 1870's church retrofitted to EnerPHit standard. Featured on Grand Designs Live 2024.

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