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Overheating Analysis (DSM output)

Using the Design Builder DSM, we will analyse the areas at risk of overheating and recommend options for mitigation. An overheating analysis is required for new build properties under Part O of building regulations. The overheating analysis is carried out in accordance with CIBSE TM52 and TM59 guidance.

DSM modelling

  • Identify areas at risk of overheating.

  • Evaluate compliance with CIBSE TM52 and TM59 guidelines:

    • TM52: Assess non-residential buildings for thermal comfort and risk of overheating without mechanical cooling.

    • TM59: Evaluate residential properties to ensure comfortable indoor environments during summer.

  • Recommend design modifications such as passive cooling techniques (e.g., shading, natural ventilation) and behavioral changes to reduce overheating risks.

Upon request, detailed reports outlining overheating risks and offering mitigation options to ensure compliance with Part O regulations are provided.

Case Studies

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