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Passivhaus Energy Modelling (PHPP)

Passivhaus is in practice the world's highest performing building standard. Production of a comprehensive thermal analysis using the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) will ensure that the proposed design and fabric specification is properly considered and the resulting performance specification can be trusted.

The Passivhaus energy standard focuses on reducing energy consumption through a "fabric first" approach, incorporating five key principles:

   - Passivhaus Windows

   - Adequate ventilation strategy through MVHR

   - Airtightness

   - Thermal insulation

   - Thermal bridge reduction

Designing with these principles significantly reduces operational heating and cooling energy demands by approximately 90% compared to typical new builds, while enhancing occupant comfort.

Passivhaus certification provides quality assurance through an independent review of design and construction and is known to increase the capital value of a building.

Ecospheric creates an energy model as a first step with every building project, at any scale, to establish a solid foundation for all future decisions. It accurately predicts the energy use and can help inform design.

A PHPP model offers whole building heating demand information and facilitates the process of Passivhaus or AECB certification. The energy model provides the fundamental basis for the following:

- all fabric and building services specifications

- energy generation sizing

- total system efficiencies for energy and carbon optimisation purposes

- user profiling for occupancy based optimisation and comfort

EnerPHit conversion of 19th C Brick Workshop to Family Residence

Conversion of a historic brick workshop turned architecture studio to a family home.

EnerPHit 1940's era Stone Manor House

A heritage property in South Yorkshire aiming for EnerPHit certified energy performance.

Passivhaus Premium Residential Development

A new build residential development designed to generate more renewable energy than it uses.

Passivhaus Art Cafe

The world's first Passivhaus-certified art cafe. Winner of the 2024 ASBP Best Project Award and 2023 Bristol Property Awards.

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