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Planning Strategy and Sustainability Statements

Ecospheric can support submission for planning permission by producing sustainability reports or attending meetings with planners, the local planning authority, or a design review panel.

Our sustainability reports set out the low energy strategy for the development, and outline what technologies, heat networks, energy generation and energy saving mechanisms will be implemented with clear evidence of innovation, broken down into the following sections:

  • High level project claims and certifications

  • Innovative technologies, methodologies and strategies

  • Operational and Embodied Carbon/Energy pledges

  • Energy conservation and fabric first approach (U-values)

  • Technology selection, heat networks and renewables

  • Site Biodiversity

  • Transportation

  • Occupancy and Building related Health

  • Water Saving technologies

  • Foul waste solutions

  • Waste minimisation strategy

Net Zero Town Centre Redevelopment

Net Zero approach to the redevelopment of a town centre in England's Northwest

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