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PV Optimization

Review lifetime economic impact of a possible photovoltaic (PV) array to reduce energy costs, enhance energy independence, and lower your carbon footprint. Our service includes comprehensive analysis and customized recommendations to ensure optimal economic and environmental outcomes.

Energy Demand Assessment

  • Review current and future energy needs.

  • Tailor PV solutions to your requirements.

Energy Generation Planning

  • Compare PV panels for efficiency.

  • Evaluate optimal roof placement.

  • Estimate energy generation and carbon savings.

Economic Impact Analysis

  • Assess financial benefits and ROI.

  • Optimize on-site energy usage.

  • Recommend cost-effective installation and maintenance.

Comprehensive Review:

  • Create roofscape and site models with shading.

  • Study and rank potential array locations.

  • Design optimized array layouts.

  • Conduct cost analysis and system specification.

  • Integrate PV with building services and thermal solutions.

  • Propose energy management solutions (such as battery systems).

Case Studies

Optimization of Renewable Energy Generation for a Mixed-use Building

A former department store built in the 1860’s being transformed into a one-stop location for hospitality, shopping, and offices.

Zero Carbon Event Space

Low embodied carbon mass timber extension on a historic warehouse resulting in the first large-scale whole life carbon neutral commercial building

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