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Soft Landings and Post Occupancy

Soft landing

  • An easy to understand user guide explaining how to operate the building, accompanied by manuals and maintenance instructions for all products, systems, and technologies.

Post occupancy

  • Energy bills are reviewed to understand cost and consumption.

  • An internal environmental monitoring system is also specified to gather data on the completed building performance. This can be very useful for the initial occupancy period to ensure that the building remains comfortable and that energy consumption is on target.

  • Internal conditions measured include:

    • Temperature

    • Humidity

    • Particulates

    • Radon

    • Carbon dioxide (CO2)

    • Airborne chemicals (VOCs)

    • Air pressure

EnerPHit Plus Victorian Townhouse

The first certified EnerPHit Plus retrofit in Europe and winner of the International Passive House Award 2021

Passivhaus Art Cafe

The world's first Passivhaus-certified art cafe. Winner of the 2024 ASBP Best Project Award and 2023 Bristol Property Awards.

EnerPHit Plus 1960's Designer Home

Retrofit of a modernist architectural gem turns this home into a living space for the future. Winner of the 2023 Homebuilding & Renovating Awards for Best Green Home.

EnerPHit 1880's Conservation Area Townhouse

A handsome Victorian townhouse in a London conservation area retrofitted to the certified EnerPHit standard

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