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Lifecycle Carbon Analysis (LCA)

This element provides a Whole Life Carbon calculation which is the most accurate way to optimise design decisions.

Using PHribbon or One Click LCA, which have some of the largest embodied carbon material databases, coupled with Ecospheric's in-house EPD database, we will calculate Embodied CO2 from Cradle to Grave, covering stages A-C (and D where information is available) and is suitable for initial estimates for the RIBA 2030 Challenge. This therefore includes :

- Stage A, A1-A3 Manufacture including A4 Transport to site and A5 Construction

- Stage B, Use of the building including B4 Replacement

- Stage C, Demolition and Disposal of the building

Please note figures relating to Stage D, Reuse, Recycling potential will be reported in a separate section on the analysis as it is typically outside the usual scope of the main calculation.

- Note: For the purposes of the embodied carbon calculation, it is assumed that only outline MEP and only outline furnishings, fittings and equipment (FFE) is included and all landscaping and subsidiary buildings are not included.

- Note 2: This does not allow for extensive research into specific EPD's and we will use generic data where specific EPD's are not available.

Passivhaus Premium Residential Development

A new build residential development designed to generate more renewable energy than it uses.

EnerPHit 1880's Conservation Area Townhouse

A handsome Victorian townhouse in a London conservation area retrofitted to the certified EnerPHit standard

Passivhaus Art Cafe

The world's first Passivhaus-certified art cafe. Winner of the 2024 ASBP Best Project Award and 2023 Bristol Property Awards.

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