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Optioneering Study

This approach is our principal methodology to determine the most direct approach and lowest cost to certifying a building to Passivhaus standard.

Using building energy performance data obtained through the energy modelling, we can produce an optioneering engine capable of testing a multitude of architectural, structural, fabric, and technology approaches - both individually or in combination/phased. We will capture any existing proposals or items from brief and undertake an ideation process to generate a body of feasible solutions for the project.

The output from the optioneering analysis will include the following:

  • Detailed operational carbon (including heating and cooling impacts)

  • Detailed whole life carbon (if the optional Embodied Carbon Analysis is commissioned)

  • Outline/proportional costing

  • Other qualitative impacts will be mentioned associated with health, comfort, maintenance and durability

Items of potential benefit that will be considered include:

  • Conservation of energy potential

  • MEP feasibility

  • Renewable energy feasibility

Zero Carbon Event Space

Low embodied carbon mass timber extension on a historic warehouse resulting in the first large-scale whole life carbon neutral commercial building

Low Energy Multi-storey Affordable Housing

A 76-unit multi-storey new build affordable housing development designed with a Passivhaus approach

EnerPHit Grade II Listed Lodge House

A historic listed lodge building in the Wirral's Birkenhead Park aiming for EnerPHit certification

Research Hub for Sustainable Retrofit

A phased low energy retrofit serving as Ecospheric's offices and centre for research into sustainable retrofit of listed heritage buildings

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