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Wider Estate Integration Analysis

This work element allows for a scoping exercise in order to consider the wider benefits of the proposals for the whole estate land. This body of work is presented as an annotated site plan accompanied by supplementary documentation.

Land Use Planning:

  • Implementing sustainable land management practices such as agroforestry, alley farming, and biodiversity conservation/enhancement.

  • Designating areas for wildlife habitats and protected zones.

  • Land use diversification ideation. Consideration of land use opportunities.

Energy Efficiency/Management:

  • Renewable energy generation potential analysis including any site built environment and ground mount potential

  • Rough proposal for implementing energy-saving practices in estate buildings and facilities.

  • High level energy integration proposal for the entire estate, including energy management options

Water Management:

  • Sustainable whole-site drainage approach

  • Rainwater harvesting potential rainwater for irrigation and other non-potable uses.

  • Implementing water-efficient irrigation systems.

  • Protecting water bodies and maintaining water quality through sustainable land management practices.

  • Ideal locations for onsite package sewage treatment plant equipment if necessary (scoping exercise, not a design)

Waste Management:

  • Site composting strategy using permaculture principles for waste minimisation and soil enrichment.

  • Reuse and recycling set up proposal

Biodiversity Conservation:

  • Implementing sustainable forestry practices. Continuous Cover Forestry proposals where useful

  • Creating wildlife corridors and green spaces to promote biodiversity (Biodiversity net gain calculation not included, but available upon request).

  • Further Carbon Footprint Reduction:

  • Information for more effective implementation of carbon offset programs.

  • Reducing transportation emissions through EV charging infrastructure and efficient logistics planning.

  • Encouraging sustainable transportation options for employees and visitors.

Heritage Preservation:

  • Preserving historic buildings and cultural heritage sites.

  • Implementing sustainable renovation and restoration practices.

  • Integrating traditional craftsmanship with reused/reclaimed materials and modern sustainability standards.

Paragraph 79 Great Gate Rein Passivhaus

A new build Passivhaus family home proposed under the NPPF's country house exemption clause

Low Energy Farm Worker Dwellings

Low energy replacement dwellings for farm workers on a large estate in Hampshire

Paragraph 80e Arts & Crafts House

A new build classically designed Cotswold house aiming for Passivhaus Premium certification

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